The Laws of Nature

Wednesday, February 20, 2013

Making the Time

Occam's Razor
watercolor on Arches paper
26" x 20"   sold
Katharine A. Cartwright, NWS
According to "Occam's Razor" the simplest explanation is always the best when all considered possibilities are equal. My painting depicts a razor slice through the complex, impractical mechanistic designs of man to reveal a singularity in the universe. The singularity is the simplest and purest form of energy expression that could ever exist.

This is the segue to today's post: "Making the Time." The single most common complaint that I get from my students when they first come to me is that they can't find the time to paint on a regular basis and, therefore, make unsatisfactory progress. Typically, they want me to share my secret formula for success in this regard. That secret is always a big disappointment to them: Finding the time to make art on a regular basis is as simple as making the time.

In other words, it's a matter of priority. Either you think it's important enough to engage in regularly or you don't.

What are your thoughts?


Dan Kent said...

I love the dichotomy in this one. It is a great piece!

As for your assertion I say - hear!hear! That's how I've done it. To the point where I've analogized that my art is like weeds growing in the cracks of a sidewalk (in other words, in the small snippets of time I have been able to carve out).

Casey Klahn said...

Right on!

M said...

I've stopped complaining about my sporadic practice and have learned to accept that it is how I work. I have lots of time to devote to my practice but I don't always work. When I am on a roll I work non- stop. I'm on a roll...