The Laws of Nature

Tuesday, May 1, 2012

Exhibitions, Workshop, Book and more ...

Much has transpired since my last post! Here's what's happening in 2012:
  • March: Solo exhibition at the Lincoln Street Center in Rockland, Maine.
  • April - June:  Group exhibition featuring my series "Clark Island Intertidal" at the Chocolate Church Gallery in Bath, Maine.
  • May:  Solo exhibition of my series "The Laws of Nature" at the fabulous Rougette Gallery in Rockland, Maine.
  • Now:  publication of a book on my new series "The Laws of Nature"
  • June 25 - 28th:  teaching a workshop "Finding your artistic voice" at the Gibson House in Haverhill, New Hampshire
  • August 24 - 26th:  "Echoes" a joint exhibition with Marilyn Quint-Rose in Port Clyde, Maine.

And, some marvelous students to work with on a regular basis, to boot!