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Friday, October 8, 2010

More thoughts from Cezanne ...

Conversations with Cezanne
Michael Doran, Ed. (2001)

Continuing with notes provided by Cezanne’s son, here’s some more sage advice and insights by the famous artist:

15. Art is a religion. Its goal is the elevation of thought.
16. He who does not hunger for the absolute (perfection) is content with placid mediocrity.
17. An intellect’s excellence can be judged by the originality of its creation.
18. A mind that can organize powerfully is the most precious collaborator with sensibility in the realization of a work of art.
19. Art is the adaptation of things to our needs and tastes.
20. The technique of any art consists of a language and a logic.
21. Style is perfect when it is commensurate with the character and grandeur of the subject it interprets.
22. Style does not result from the slavish imitation of the old masters; it develops from the artist’s personal manner of feeling and expression.
23. The manner in which a work of art is rendered allows us to judge the distinction of the artist’s mind and insight.
24. The quest for novelty and originality is an artificial need which can never disguise banality and the absence of artistic temperament.

More gems!

One personal note: yesterday I was contacted by the Assistant Editor of Art Calendar. I’m being interviewed and will appear as the “Art online member of the month” in the December/January issue coming up. That’s right …. Finally, I’m“Miss December!” (wink & smile).

Have a great weekend!


Casey Klahn said...

That will be great to read you at Art Calendar - send us a link when it happens, please.

These are less exciting than the last set of bullets, but Cezanne is a huge influence. Love reading these.

Dan Kent said...

TGIF! To me numbers 3, 5, 6, 7, 8, 9, 10, 13, 21, 22, 23, and 24 (and there may be others), all point to one thing: the artist must be personally sincere in the expression of one's art, and neither a copyist nor falsely original.

Also, congratulations Miss December! I love the way you wave your hand in that side-to-side kind of rotation. You deserve the crown and more.

Anonymous said...

Congratulations Miss December! In all seriousness, quite an honor.

#16 rings my bell today.

Thanks Kathy for bringing us these great ideas!

hw (hallie) farber said...

Ah, Miss December. Congratulations--that is an honor.

Unknown said...

Hi Casey - thanks! There were over thirty bullets, so I tried to narrow it down a little. The rest were about painting techniques.

Hi Dan - yes! sincerity (or authenticity)is crucial. Thanks for distilling these quotes. And... the hand wave is ever so important :-) Too funny!

Hi Pam - 16 is a good one. Thanks!

Hi Hallie - thanks!

-Don said...

Wow! Miss December! I'm so excited and proud for you. I hope the staples miss your belly button...


Unknown said...

Ha! Funny, Don :-)