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Saturday, May 8, 2010

The Devil is in the Details ...

On the weekends I like to depart from reviewing books to blog about other matters. Today, I'll share with you the details of putting together a solo exhibition. I have two solo exhibitions scheduled for this summer - one in New York and the other in Maine. The fun part was creating all the paintings (over 100) and the difficult part is all the rest. So, here's the "rest" -

Negotiate and sign the contract
Painting selection and inventory list
Price paintings
Photograph paintings for publicity and catalogue
Write and publish catalogue
Make certain the show is insured
Create a catchy title for the show
Frame paintings
Create labels for the paintings
Modify hanging space, lighting, and wall color if necessary
Decide in what order to hang the paintings
Create publicity materials
Compile mailing list
Write Biography
Write Artist's Statement
Pack paintings for shipping
Double, triple check everything
Follow-up emails and phone calls to make certain everything is on track
Plan opening night reception
Prepare speech for opening night
For one show I sought and obtained a grant from the New York Foundation for the Arts
And then there's all the bookkeeping for taxes and personal reasons
Did I leave something out?? Probably.

I'm doing all this for two shows right now while working on my new series of paintings for future shows. Recently, I told a friend that I need a personal assistant but can't afford to hire one. She recommended that I find a student intern from one of the local colleges. It's a great idea and I might look into it.

Exhausted? Yes. But, it's an nice problem to have.

Hope you have a more restful weekend!


Dan Kent said...

Best of fortune in the two shows. You amaze me, really, and I am hopeful that someday I will be able to use this (and a few other previous posts that I have read here) as a template for my own. Hopefully before I am 82. I am shooting for 81. You will actually probably receive a frantic e-mail at that time. lol.

RH Carpenter said...

I wish you tons of good luck for the shows - no mishaps, broken things, late arrivals, etc. It sounds like such work, no wonder many people don't even bother, just showing in their little towns at local gallerys, etc. You may receive notice from me some day, too, about a big show of my own. I'm not going to wait until I'm 81 - that would be almost 30 years from now - but it won't be next year :) Your determination and hard work and ability to research and find out what needs to be done - and then do it! - are an inspiration. I think the scariest part of all of that for me would be the packing and mailing and the speech!

L.Holm said...

Thanks so much for your visit and kind words!
Beautiful work, and best wishes for successful shows!

M said...

Your listing of activities is exhausting. I am struggling with one show and you are preparing for two. I'll stop complaining and get on with it!

hw (hallie) farber said...

I'm betting that you'll breeze right though all these tasks with time to spare. Your shows will wow the audience, and they'll return for the new series.

Unknown said...

Hi Dan - I'm betting that you'll have a solo exhibit WAY before then! I'm a little worried about what I might be forgetting - too many balls up in the air :-)

Hi Rhonda - I hope you have a show very soon! Fun and scary at the same time.

Hi Liz - Thank you!

Hi Margaret - I feel your pain!

Hi Hallie - thanks for your vote of confidence! I wish I had the same amount :-)

Anonymous said...

When you get time, seek an intern assistant. It sounds like a perfect opportunity for the right person. I know from personal experience that to be exposed early on to someone who is professional,organized, directed, assured- has a life long influence.
Best wishes for both of your shows! With your attention to detail- they will be stunning!!

Unknown said...

Hi Pam - good advice! Thanks.

Stephanie Goldman said...

Good luck on your shows Kathy. Anyone reading your "to do" list knows that opening night will be well worth attending to hear the speech you are preparing to give. Hopefully you will post it after the fact for those who are unable to be there.

Unknown said...

Hi Steph - thanks so much for the support!! If only I could write something profound :-) But, simplicity is always best.

Mark Sheeky said...

An assistant might be useful but, I'm sure that by show #4 you'll have got it all done efficiently... I get as much help as I can but things like speeches, address lists, publicity, poster design etc. they're important things that the artist would probably have to do one way or another anyway.

Make sure you have a list of things to take on the opening night! Like... a camera :) It's all so exciting!