The Laws of Nature

Saturday, March 6, 2010


Folks, we've had a great discussion on this blog about introspection and Deborah has written a well-constructed essay that contributes much to our discussion. Please visit her post to read it: Deborah Stearns (click on her name).


Four Seasons in a Life said...

Dear Katharine,

I thank you for this link as not only Deborah's thoughts are pretty much on the mark, her blog has is very thought provoking, rich in content and I cannot understand why she only has a few followers.

Warmest regards,

Deborah C. Stearns said...

Thanks for posting the link, Kathy! I'm really pleased that you find my musings relevant and interesting.

And thank you, Egmont, for the nice compliment about my blog. That's really nice to hear (well, read).

Sheila said...

Thanks Kathy! I loved Deborah's blog and am now a follower.

PAMO said...
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Mark Sheeky said...

Great link... you've made me think!