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Friday, June 19, 2009

90% preparation 10% execution

I haven't posted a new painting for several weeks because the process of preparation is lengthy for me ... certainly much more involved than the actual application of paint. I've spent weeks developing a new concept for my egg shell series, and then almost another week creating an effective design and selecting a palette. I've transferred my drawing to watercolor paper and will begin painting fairly soon (once my gardens are weeded!). In the "old days" I spent little time in preparation. For some reason, I bought into the notion that good art is created during an inspired moment when the artist spontaneously and tornadically throws paint at the canvas and - voila! a masterpiece. Well, I guess that could work for a select few, but even they had years and years of traditional training before reaching that stage. I work better when it's planned and deliberate - not that I don't make spontaneous changes as I work, but those changes spring from years of study and practice. I sound stodgy and uninspired. But , I do find inspiration in my concepts and great satisfaction in transforming them into two-dimensional works of art.


Ken Goldman said...

Hi Kathy,
As I've not even seen my own blog for a few months (no time), I've not seen yours either. But today, I read most all of it; what a great education in how to elucidate one's ideas. Not only are your concepts clear, but the paintings keep evolving too. It's great to read it all and to see how egg series began and keep evolving. I like the way you incorporated Wolf Kahns palette.Thanks for staying on top of it and sharing.

-Don said...

Stodgy and uninspired are in no way the words that come to mind when thinking of your work. Methodical and motivating would be closer to the truth...both in your paintings and in your words. I find I learn more about myself as I read more about you. Thanks for that... -Don

Mike said...

Many artists believe that spontanaety, if that is how you spellit, is from where art eminates. Those years of study have revealed to you the obvious fact that there is a structure to good, solid art (I am writing this for other readers, Kathy). That structure . . .the design . . .is what entices us viewers . . .and, as you have so proven over and over with mundane egg shells, . . . . . .it is NOT the subject that fascinates the viewer. It is HOW you present it in paint, as you already know.

Thanks for putting this sort of stuff out there for the rest of us to be reminded. Your work process is an example, believe me!!

Werner said...

Hi Kathy,
wunderschöne Eier die du da malst, wußte gar nicht das man so schöne Bilder nur über das Thema Eier malen kann.

Gruß Werner

-Don said...

Happy 4th of July, Kathy.